The staff

אסף כהן יונתן

Asaf Cohen Jonathan

Food engineer with extensive experience in the food industry. Worked at Tnuva, Tivall, Cham and Galam in a variety of positions as a line technologist, R&D engineer, chief technologist, R&D Lab manager and for several years has been independent consultant in R&D work.
The vast experience, creativity and tireless curiosity in the food field, led Asaf to many innovative food developments, working with startups, entrepreneurs and developing groundbreaking food products (egg substitutes, meat-like chicken and vegan fish, alternative milk and cheese substitutes, vegan marshmallows without additives sugar, grasshopper falafel and sausages, energy bars and high-protein spreads, cannabis oil emulsion, CBD, for drinks and more).
The extensive experience of understanding the behavior of various raw materials, including special stabilizers, developing different textures, combining the right flavors and masking the undesirable together with the necessary equipment and the right process, all this, assist in the ongoing work for advanced and high quality food product developments.

Moshe Siboni

A mechanical engineer graduated from the Technion and an electronics technician who specializes in automation of processes and general packaging (filling and packaging machines).
Moshe led the engineering departments in many food factories such as Unilever factory in Safed (Chocolate and Bagel Bagel), worked as the head of engineering at Zoglobek, Tnuva Alon Tavor Filling & Packaging Engineer, Shemen oil factories Engineer, Cham Food Products, Pri-Hagalil and more.
In addition to his demonstrated history, Moshe is an expert in energy-process operation, environment, sewage facilities, air conditioning and cooling, electricity & control. managing a team of employees and subcontractors in the fields of engineering and maintenance in process plants.

Emil Virag

Is the Founder and CEO of Foodanza Inc. that offers management consulting services in field of alternative protein. He has vast experience in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Engineering gained within food industry global player Mondelez International.
In his 20+ year in Global Functions within the Food Industry he worked on starting up green field and brown field manufacturing operations in various international markets and worked on innovation & new product launches, developed new technologies and expanded the company portfolio globally.
Emil is keen to help the alternative protein ecosystem to grow and make the food industry more sustainable with focus on environment protection and decrease the industry global CO2 footprint.

Kobi Cohen

Kobi has worked as VP of Finance at the Israeli Industrial Center for Research and Development, the responsible organization for operating the support program of the Israeli Innovation Authority – for 13 years. In his most recent position he was Chief Operating Officer of the Yorke Presidency. As part of his role he has been involved in dozens of EU-funded projects since “The Fourth Framework” Program and has been a partner in establishing support schemes in traditional industry and aid funds.
Kobi currently owns Nereus-Innovation Ltd., which submits projects seeking funding for technological innovation to the Innovation Authority, the European Union and the Ministry of Economy (export plans).
Among the companies’ areas of activity, to which Kobi has submitted support programs, which have been approved by the Innovation Authority and the European Union and the Ministry of Economy, can be found a wide range of topics such as: Food industry, precision agriculture, medical equipment, chemistry, plastics, recycling, measurement equipment, computer vision, education, music, jewelry, metal, manufacturing processes, virtual reality, and many others. The variety ranges from traditional industry to advanced elite industry.

Liat Dinman-Livne

Holds an MBA, specializing in marketing and finance from the Hebrew University.
Over 15 years of experience in managing food brand marketing from leading companies – Materna, Tivall, Nestlé Breakfast Cereals. Has a great passion and curiosity for the food industry, which over the years has engaged in identifying growth engines, developing and implementing a marketing strategy and product innovation processes. Liat brings a rich and practical experience in working processes from product development to the implementation of marketing plans in a variety of distribution channels, and media management on a variety of platforms.
In recent years, Liat has accompanied start-up companies, start-up entrepreneurs, to refine work processes and add significant added value in the Food-tech field such as identifying market opportunities and in-depth familiarity with dominant trends, defining and mapping the product value proposition and target audience, development of marketing strategy, supporting technological development processes from consumer-marketing point of view.
Liat is a big believer in thorough research and preparation and begins each project with an in-depth study of the market, identifying unfulfilled needs, connecting to mega-trends and a deep understanding of the target audiences. Alongside this, insists on groundbreaking thinking and connecting all insights to the ground of reality.
As an entrepreneur and owner of a company in the field of allergy friendly, Liat is well acquainted with the challenges facing start-up companies, and offers close support for all the first stages – strategy, branding and product / service development.