Quality Assurance Management

Begins already in the development stages of the food product.

The QA department is the gatekeeper at the factory, which has the authority to approve or block a product from reaching the market.

QA management starts at the food product’s development stage. An understanding of the preservation effect and of the factors influencing its quality is required so that we can guarantee its quality and safety to the consumer. It is necessary to comply with the requirements of the factories producing the food product, such as allergens, the amount of chemical contaminants and heavy metals that reach the food from the raw materials.

In order to ensure the product’s quality, it is necessary to conduct analyses, not just microbial expiration for product spoilage, but also chemical analyses and various oxidation tests that may harm the quality of the product. These analyses are generally expensive and therefore it’s necessary to know to choose the best ones carefully.

This responsibility requires running a tight quality layout that includes risk analysis, HACCP flow charts, understanding the requirements of the food safety standards, defining hygiene procedures and guidelines at the factory and monitoring corrective actions.

Employee education and training is an inseparable part of the quality layout and training must be conducted on the importance of maintaining hygiene rules.

Safety is above all else and a manufacturer cannot exist without strict control over the quality procedures.

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