Product Label,

Correct product label

May protect the manufacturer from class action lawsuits.

A food engineer who develops a product, is responsible not only for the product development, but also for the packaging, the label written on the package, the name of the product, the list of ingredients, and the nutritional values.
It often seems that the standards and the regulation hinder the development of the product, for example prohibiting the addition of certain ingredients or limiting their amounts, but in fact, they also protect against errors that may endanger the consumer and also distinguish between similar products (sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and so forth).
The regulation for some products or food ingredients has not yet been fully formed or approved the product’s use, such as use of rare sugars as super-sweeteners or new alternative proteins that have been invented. These are granted Novel Food status until the tests for them have been completed and their use has been approved.

Writing the product label is no trivial matter and requires reading, understanding, and correct interpretation of the standards.
Especially for startups that develop innovative food products, it is crucial to be able to classify the product to the correct standard, to understand the restrictions that apply to the product, its production method and contents.
The food standards in general, and standard 1145 in particular, specify how to define the product name and its contents, the requirement for specific tests, permitted microbial values, nutritional values, and more.
Regulation differs from one country to another and the exact same product will be written completely differently in another market and therefore it’s important to match the relevant regulation to the target country (and not to try and translate labels).
A correct product label may protect the manufacturer from class action lawsuits.
The standards require constant update of changes, permits and restrictions, which change periodically.

Proper understanding of the regulation in the development stages will prevent mistakes, wasting time and money, and will ensure a correct and safe product production!

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