Culinary Consultation &
Taste Tests

What is the right taste?

The taste that suits the taste of our customers!

A good product is above all a tasty one! The consumer judges the product according to his personal taste and preferences.
As entrepreneurs and food manufacturers, we have to be able to define the tastes, textures and other sensory and organoleptic properties of the product in order to develop it optimally, right from the very beginning.
Throughout the entire development process, and blindly – without knowing what change was made during the trials, we are required to taste the product and improve its flavor.
Although our personal opinion is important, we mustn’t judge the product’s properties on our own and therefore it’s important for tasting to be conducted professionally, by a team of professional tasters who know how to properly define the product’s flavors, to rate them, and also to know what to improve for next time.
The product generally needs to be tasted against a reference product, the competitor we define. In such a tasting, additional considerations are brought up regarding the product and important decisions about the product are made, development directions, and decisions regarding additional marketing aspects.
We should definitely put our tasting ability to the test once in a while and develop tasting skills! We can develop a discerning palate and tasting skills if we act systematically.

Fortunately, my extensive experience with daily tastings, and together with professional colleagues from the industry, has led me to find unique flavors and to unconventional requests from the flavor suppliers for winning flavor combinations.

So what’s the right flavor? The flavor that best matches our customers’ taste!
In other words, the ability to combine flavors, aromas and textures that the majority will prefer.
Remember that aside from the right combination of flavors and textures, we need to taste the product during its development and to make fateful culinary decisions about its further development.

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