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Asaf Cohen Jonathan

Advanced Technologies – Smart Food

My name is Asaf Cohen Jonathan and I am a food engineer with two academic degrees from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (B.Sc. in Chemistry and a B.Sc. in Food Engineering).

I started my work as a line technologist at Tnuva, the largest dairy in Israel.
As a novice technologist with my chemistry background and strong drive to prove my abilities, I was given responsibility for all the CIP processes at the factory and daily audit of their quality, responsibility for the most unique nano-filtration facility in the world and responsibility for the wastewater treatment facility, with an emphasis on water quality and other environmental issues while implementing the ISO 14000 standard.
As part of my job I initiated innovative lab tests as process control, I lowered the sodium content in wastewater by tens of percentages, optimized processes by making them continuous, saved hundreds of thousands of shekels in optimizing processes and energy consumption.
I continued my professional practical training in one of the top food R&D departments in the world, at Tivall-Osem-Nestle.
As a development technologist I saved millions of shekels by reducing product expenses and substituting raw materials, while maintaining the sensory-competitive advantage and market edge.
I was introduced to an immense variety of raw materials which led me to my expertise in plant-based proteins, stabilizers and hydrocolloids.
As chief technologist at a company providing raw materials to the food industry, I gained experience with several diverse systems such as processing agricultural produce, pasteurizers, spray drying and freeze drying.
My jobs included managing a staff of factory organizational infrastructure information systems and I was responsible for the technological development systems.
My unconventional creative thinking led me to several successes at the Osem Group that I am very proud of:
I invented an egg white substitute (albumin), creating an opportunity for vegan consumers. This was an extremely important project. In an innovation forum I won an award for inventing a product from legume flour and I conceived of the product known in Israel as “hummusivuv“ by Tzabar, which was also marketed in the United States.

It would be my pleasure to help you develop your next food product.
Feel free to contact me however and whenever it’s convenient for you.

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For its application in unexpected situations

For as long as I can remember, food was the main event at home.

My mother would cook up a storm, with amazing aromas wafting through the house. My father would cook on holidays and weekends…
Friends would return from trips abroad with all sorts of goodies and delicacies you couldn’t get in Israel…
There were fascinating raw materials with unfamiliar names in the pantry, which my grandmother brought from France…
There were mysterious ingredients and wonder regarding the strange word “microgram” in the vitamin content written on the cornflakes box…
And of course, there was my scientist grandfather who explained to everyone the genius of mayonnaise being a chemical emulsion!

This is the world I grew up in, and I was enchanted by it on a daily basis. The better my culinary skills became, the greater my insatiable hunger for the knowledge and scientific understanding of food and that’s how I found myself studying for a chemistry degree and another degree in Food Engineering at the Technion.

My endless love for food has sent me on a quest to deepen my knowledge by reading articles and professional literature in every field that is related to food or to the technological processes involved in its processing, as complex as they may be.

As a foodie, the knowledge and experience I gained help me to understand the behavior of the raw materials and thus to select them to best suit a recipe and process and even to predict the final result with great ease.
The chemical-molecular conceptualization lets me analyze and fully understand malfunctions in production or to prevent them in the product development stage.

The unconventional creative thinking led me to find a substitute for egg protein, to create ice cream that doesn’t melt, to win an innovation project for developing a product from legume flour and to recognition for inventing the hummusivuv product marketed by Tzabar.

It would be my pleasure to help you with anything related to food engineering and developing food products. You can see my areas of expertise here.
Feel free to contact me however and whenever it’s convenient for you. 

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Asaf Cohen Jonathan