Asaf Cohen Jonathan

Food engineer


My name is Asaf Cohen Jonathan and I am a food engineer with two academic degrees from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (B.Sc. in Chemistry and a B.Sc. in Food Engineering).

I research and develop innovative food products for companies, startups and independent entrepreneurs. I’m involved from the conceptual stage and up to the actual implementation, manufacturing in a food factory, or building and setting up a suitable production line.

My immense love of food and technology led me to study and work in what I love most – developing food products.
The creativity, innovation and satisfaction involved in creating on the one hand, and precision, ability to characterize, analyze and plan on the other hand, are qualities I enlist to efficiently develop innovative food products while taking into consideration all the necessary considerations throughout the development process and also put into practice their feasibility on the production lines. All this gives me immense satisfaction and pleasure.
My professional background and the variety of positions I’ve filled, from the flagship Tnuva dairy in Alon Tavor, R&D at Tivall-Osem-Nestle, Cham food products and Galam, which supply raw materials to industry, have given me experience in a wide variety of raw materials and processes and I’ve gained extensive experience in project management and development processes of food products, as well as the abundant work with companies, startups and entrepreneurs.
The food products I developed are numerous and diverse, from soft cheeses to plant-based alternative protein meat substitutes in a variety of vegetarian and vegan products. Emulsion for CBD-based drinks (cannabis oil) and consultation for juice and concentrate companies. Protein spreads without additives or with sugar substitutes, different types of snacks (Keto, gluten-free), numerous baking products as quick preparation powders and as a final product.
Beyond the scientific understanding and the culinary approach to how raw materials behave in the food product, my area of expertise is in plant-based proteins and stabilizers (hydrocolloids).
For every product that I created I applied my creative and groundbreaking ideas coupled with integrating the most innovative raw materials using my scientific understanding and the research approach I work with, which have led me to write and submit several patents.

It would be my pleasure to help you develop your next food product.
Feel free to contact me however and whenever it’s convenient for you.

Any great progress in research and development,

Stemmed from a new boldness of imagination​